Look For Green Advertising Truck

Mobile Recycling Service

The Green Advertising Truck is one of the signature characteristics of Jockey Club “Look For Green” Mobile Recycling Programme (Look For Green). Leverage on the advantages of high mobility, the Green Advertising Truck serves various East Kowloon communities, providing 3 core green services: “Categorized Recycling”, “Community Sharing of Reusables” and “Environmental Education”. In contrast with the mainstream recycle-focused projects, “Look For Green” focuses more on building awareness and providing a happy learning experience through games and sharing of daily life green knowledge. We also emphasize on community reuse of second-hand clothes and electrical appliances. With the all-in-one features, the Look For Green Advertising Truck is positioned as “The first green advertising truck in Hong Kong with 3R concept (reduce, reuse and recycle) in one”.

Categorized Recycling

Collect and thoroughly categorize clean recyclables

Community Sharing of Reusables

Collect from and give reusables to community participants

Environmental Education

Green education through gaming experience

The Latest Service Schedule

Service Schedule of the Green Advertising Truck is updated every month. Community participants are welcome to visit our truck, bring recyclables and reusables for collection, and experience the green education games.

*For most updated schedule or any changes, please stay tuned by following oursocial media pages.

Community Stations

Look For Green recycling 2

17-type Categorized Recycling Bin

Recyclables are thoroughly categorized into 17 types in the Look For Green Advertising Truck. After cleaning recyclables at home, community participants can bring them to the Truck, categorize and put in the right recycling bin with the guide of our frontline helpers.

*Recyclables collected are delivered to government-registered recyclers for subsequent processing (Details please refer to What does “Look For Green” look for?))

Look For Green recycling 3
Look For Green recycling 4

“Look For Goods” Reusable-sharing Zone

Next to the Green Advertising Truck, a wooden cart is setup for free-sharing and donation of reusable items. Pre-owned books, clothes and other items (e.g. household products) are cleaned and placed in the “Look For Goods” Reusable-sharing Zone for free-sharing to promote community reuse and reduction of wastage.


Reusables collected:

Electrical Appliances, Clothes (>80% new), Books, Cooler Bags, Recycle Bags, Baby Products, other brand-new items and special collection items (Details please refer to What does “Look For Green” look for?)

Look For Green truck

Interactive Environmental Education Games

Community participants are welcome to try out the interactive games in The Green Advertising Truck designed for environmental education. With fun and joyfulness, community participants will learn about the steps of recycling, categorization of recyclables, daily waste reduction tips and useful green knowledge.

“Categorizing Recyclables at Home” Magnet Game

In a household background setup, community participants are invited to clean up the house and decide if the different common household items are recyclable or not. The interesting setting makes the game popular among parents and children. By placing the corresponding magnets into the “recyclable area” and “non-recyclable area”, children will find out that many household wastes like food packaging, toilet paper tubes and plastic bags are all recyclable while having fun. Bringing the game experience to real life, children may even become the new “environmental activist” at home, leading the family to live a green lifestyle starting with daily recycling!

Look For Green magnet game
Look For Green games 2

“Carbon Sniper” Throwing Game

In this throwing game, sticky balls are given to community participants for throwing at the targets that represent various choice of daily activities. According to their environmental impacts, positive or negative carbon emission scores are accumulated. With the goal to minimize carbon emission, community participants will learn that “carbon reduction” is not far from us, but rather something affected by the various choices in our daily lives. From the tiny choices of what food to eat, which electrical appliances to choose, to the choice of travel destination, they all create impact to carbon emission!

“Green Living Challenge” Mega Connect 4 Game

Incorporating the “More” and “Less” in green living into the “Connect 4” traditional boardgame, community participants will learn about examples of good green lifestyle habits in the race.


The small steps of every individual will accumulate and bring big impact to the environment. Whether it be positive or negative, it is us who could make a difference. Therefore, we should start today to make the planet a better place to live in.

Look For Green games 3
Look For Green photo

“Share For Green” Photo Sharing Activity

“Checking-in” is a trending activity to share ideas with friends, with interesting props and the catchy Green Advertising Truck as background, community participants are invited to take photos and share on Facebook, Instagram, MeWe and other social media with an App. By tagging and encouraging friends to join green living and participate in the “Look For Green” environmental services, your can help to promote “Look For Green” in an effective and paperless way. We appreciate every “Check-in” and the involvement and support shown behind.

What does "Look For Green" look for?

Recyclables that we collect*:

Paper (Paper Cartons, Magazine and Newspaper, Office Paper and Other Paper) Plastics (No. 1 PET, No. 2 HDPE, No. 4 LDPE, No. 5 PP, No. 6 PS, Styrofoam and Other Plastics), Metal, Glass, Regulated Electrical Equipment (REE), Small Appliances, Fluorescent Lamps and Tubes, Rechargeable Batteries and Beverage Cartons

CategoriesTypesCommon Examples
PaperMagazine and NewspaperNewspapers, magazines, workbooks, leaflets, inner pages of books
Office PaperOffice A4 paper, letter paper
Paper CartonsCarton boxes, takeaway insulation cartons
Other PaperPaper packages, toilet paper tubes, takeaway cups, book covers
PlasticsNo. 1 PETTransparent drinking bottles, egg boxes
No. 2 HDPECleaning agent containers, oil bottles
No. 4 LDPEElastic plastic bags, bubble wrap
No. 5 PPMicrowave containers, bottle cap, inelastic plastic bags
No. 6 PSSushi containers, Yakult containers
StyrofoamPackaging Styrofoam, takeaway Styrofoam containers, fruit protection net
Other PlasticsCDs, No. 3 PVC, plastics with number unknowns
MetalBeverage cans, tin cans, metal lids
GlassGlass bottles, drinking glass
Regulated Electrical Equipment (REE)**Air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, printers, scanners, monitors
Small AppliancesNon-REE appliances, e.g. fans, hairdryers, rice cookers, boilers, coffee machines, Hi-Fis, heaters, mobile phones, tablets, LED bulbs
Rechargeable BatteriesPhone batteries, rechargeable battery cells, laptop batteries, portable chargers
Fluorescent Lamps and TubesFluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes of various shapes
Beverage CartonsBeverage cartons or milk cartons with or without aluminum layer

*Recyclables collected are delivered to government-registered recyclers for subsequent processing

**Governmental to-the-door free collection service is recommended for heavy REE – recycling hotline for appointment: 2676 8888

Reusables that we collect*:

Electrical Appliances, Clothes (>80% new), Books, Cooler Bags, Recycle Bags, Baby Products, other brand-new items and special collection items

CategoriesCommon Examples of Reusable ItemsCommon Examples of Non-reusable Items

Clean Clothes

(>80% new)

Shirt, T-shirt, trousers, dresses, jackets, backpacks, bags

Only for recycle: old and damaged clothes

Not collected: Underwear, swimsuits, baby apparels, dirty clothes

Electrical AppliancesMicrowave ovens, rice cookers, fans, hairdryers, phones, Hi-Fis, televisions, boilers, coffee machines, heaters, tablets, computers, monitors

Only for recycle: abnormal for using, old or damaged, huge appliances (e.g. air-conditioners, refrigerators and washing machine), laptop, printer, electrical appliances without enough necessary accessories

Not collected: dirty electrical appliances

BooksStory books, reference books, novels

Only recycled as paper: Old or damaged books, religious books, dictionaries, pornographies, periodical publication, comic books

Not collected: Dirty books

Other Brand-new ItemsBrand new household products, toys, decorations

Decide by frontline helpers whether collected or not: Nearly new products

Not collected: DIY products

*Since it is impossible to list out all possible states of pre-owned items, confirmation of whether individual item is collected or not is subject to frontline helper’s final decisio