An Overview of Look For Green’s Services

o be the main part of 3R environmental concepts through (Reduce),(Reuse)

and (Recycle), Look For Green is going to enter communities and taking 3 kinds of Green environmental services, wh ich are (Categories Recycling), (Extra Stuff Sharing) and ( Environmental Educations) to the residential downstairs. They can become the complement for existing environmental service. 

Through 3R concept, (Reduce) is the first priority. So, Look For Green would like to set some Environmental Educating Games for the Green Advertising Truck to promote Green’s message in a lively way. The rise of environmental awareness and the Green’s knowledge is not could be waste reduction only, but also (Reuse) and (Recycle) could be achieved.

Through the Hong Kong ‘s existing environmental protection services. Recycling services is a majority; however, Reuse service becomes demand exceeds supply. Our Look For Green is focus on Reuse in communities. Reusables are collected, then, after sorting, screening, inspection, disinfection and cleaning, we would return reusables back to the community in reuse stalls and second-hand charity sales activities.

Although there is rising of Recycle service in Hong Kong, it is not enough for our huge demand. To compare with (Waste Reduction) and (Reuse), Recycling is the last choice for the Green’s Environmental Protection. For that reason, Hong Kong is city of high-speed oriented. Recycling service is going to be more and more important. Therefore, (Categorized Recycling multiple drawers) have been set in our Green Advertising Truck, it can take reusables to be categorized and transfer them to the downstream firms (authorized by Government) for recycling.

For the very beginning mind of fulfilling into exist environmental service, it is starting with unique idea, “Look For Green” is different and unique. Our positioning is “The first 3R concept of Environmental Advertising Truck”, Look For Green has their own advantage of their advertising Truck to provide their Green’s service for East Kowloon community. Second-hand clothes and reusable electrical equipment are collected and sold for charity fair, it is not only promoting reusable culture for the community, but also receive the positive feedback. The most important is asked for a form of interesting, fluidity and useful for the creative Green’s Project. From it’s positioning, design, image and the truck’s interactive educational games of Look For Green, it is convenient to residents “learn and try” for cultivating cleaned , categorized and recycling habits from the (Categorized Recycling multiple drawers), the Green’s reusable booths and charity fair for promoting reusable culture to residents, it can attract more residents to join “Look For Green” for happiness, fun and joys, then, they can learn some Green’s knowledge through the games. We believe that it can help to rise of Green’s knowledge and positive image for residents through Look For Green’s creative form in promoting environmental message in our community.

Look For Green Services