"Look 2 Green"Second-hand Charity Sales Event

Apart from the Green Advertising Truck, Look For Green organizes every month the “Look 2 Green” Second-hand Charity Sale event in Kwun Tong, selling pre-owned electrical appliances and clothes at low prices and giving them a second chance to be reused in the community.

 From the pre-owned electrical appliances and clothes collected during service of the Green Advertising Truck, selected clothes are sent to laundry for cleaning, while electrical appliances are examined by our Grade A Registered Electrical Artisan to ensure they are working and suitable for normal use. After processing, these clean and good quality clothes and electrical appliances are brought to the “Look 2 Green” Second-hand Charity Sales event for sale. Not only that electrical appliances and clothes are reborn, this also allow people in need in the community to purchase these daily essentials at a low cost, benefiting all participating members in the community reuse cycle.

Thanks to the support from various community stakeholders, the innovative model of “Look 2 Green” is well received by the public. In contrast with free giveaway of reusable items, it is observed that the small amount of monetary incentive has led to more optimized resource allocation. With a low price, most participants of “Look 2 Green” rethink about the value and necessity of the reusable item before making purchase decisions, realizing and cherishing the values behind every piece of reusable item, and efforts of donors and helpers that have made it possible, bringing the effect of environmental education.

 All donations from the Charity Sales reinput into the continuous working capital of Look For Green for non-profit purpose, supporting the Programme’s daily operation which include costs related to collection and processing the reusable items. Since Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC) is a non-profit organization (NGO), the use of funds for non-profit purposes strictly follows related regulations.

Details of "Look 2 Green"Second-hand Charity Sales Event

Poster, Terms and Conditions and details:

Reference information and schedule of "Look 2 Green"

“Look 2 Green”Review

Time:       12 PM – 5 PM

Venue:     Christian Family Service Centre Headquarters Building G/F (3 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong)

Dates:      Usually last Saturday and Sunday every month (Except Nov – Dec 2021)

Months Dates organized / to be organized
2023 May 27/05 (Sat) – 28/05 (Sun)
2023 June 24/06 (Sat) – 25/06 (Sun)

* Above information only for reference and subject to final announcement. Please stay tuned.

 Handling Process of Reusable Items

 Clothes and electrical appliances in the “Look 2 Green” Second-hand Charity Sales Event come from the generous donation of community participants at the Look For Green Advertising Truck. During the collection, frontline helpers introduce to donors about arrangements for the reusable items, including resale in “Look 2 Green”. After collection and transportation back to office, the reusable items go through the following processes:

 Clothes Processing

Quality check is conducted by the Look For Green Workgroup, categorizing and selecting suitable second-hand clothes. They are then sent to laundry for cleaning and hygiene. This is especially important to convey confidence under the shadow of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Electrical Appliances Processing

Collected electrical appliances are examined by our Grade A Registered Electrical Artisan. Electrical appliances that are assessed as reusable then go through safety tests and minor repairing if necessary. After ensuring that they are working and suitable for normal use, electrical appliances are then cleaned and get ready for Charity Sales.